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  • Thai-Party-Hire-Mini-Assault-01
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Mini Assault Course Bouncer
Length 4.8m x Width 2.8m x Height 2.8m
3,800 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Aqua-Bouncer-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Aqua-Bouncer-02
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Aqua-Bouncer-03

Aqua Bouncer
Length 3.5m x Width 3.5m x Height 3.0m
THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Giraffe-Castle-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Giraffe-Castle-02
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Giraffe-Castle-03

Giraffe Bouncer
Length 3.5m x Width 2.0m x Height 2.6m
3,200 THB per day

Caterpillar Slide
Length 4.9m x Width 2.2m x Height 2.6m
2,800 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Caterpillar-slide-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Caterpillar-slide-02

Junior Slide & Bounce
Length 6.0m x Width 2.2m x Height 2.7m
2,800 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Jumior-Slide-Bounce-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Jumior-Slide-Bounce-02

Toddler’s Bouncer
Length 2.0m x Width 2.0m x Height 1.9m
2,800 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Toddlers-Bouncer-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Toddlers-Bouncer-03

Sumo Suits & Mat

3,000 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Sumo-Suits-01

Ball Pond
Length 2.0m x Width 2.0m x Height 0.65m
2,000 THB per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Ball-Pond-01
  • Thai-Party-Hire-Ball-Pond-02

Length 3.0m x Width 3.0m x Height 2.2m
400 THB each per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Canopy-01

Play Mats
Length 2.0m x Width 1.0m with velcro joints
100 THB each per day

  • Thai-Party-Hire-Play-Mats-01